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Contact Lens Exam

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Contact Lens Exam

If you’re considering contact lenses, then a contact lens exam is the first step toward finding the perfect fit for you. When you visit Progressive Family Eye Care for a contact lens exam and fitting, we will evaluate your eye health and vision and discuss your lifestyle and hobbies to determine the best contact lens type for your unique needs. We understand that every patient is different, and we want to make sure that you leave our office feeling confident and comfortable with your new contact lenses. 

Wearing contact lenses can be a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional eyeglasses. Contact lenses provide a more natural and unobstructed field of vision than eyeglasses, allowing you to see more clearly and comfortably. They also don’t fog up in cold or humid weather, making them ideal for people who love spending time outdoors. 

If you’ve had trouble wearing contact lenses before, we may be able to help! With so many new and improved contact lenses on the market, we can now accommodate astigmatism, keratoconus, presbyopia, and many other conditions that previously made wearing contact lenses difficult or even impossible. 

What to expect during a contact lens exam

We usually perform a contact lens exam during the same visit as a comprehensive eye exam. However, we may schedule a separate appointment to make sure that we have enough time to give you the best possible care. During your contact lens exam in Plymouth, you can expect the following: 

  • Discussion of your needs and lifestyle: Our eye doctor will ask about your hobbies and lifestyle to determine the right type of contact lenses for your needs. 
  • Evaluation of your eyes: We will perform a series of tests to evaluate your eye health and check for any underlying eye conditions that may affect your ability to wear contact lenses. 
  • Cornea measurement: During the exam, our Plymouth eye doctor will measure the shape, size, and thickness of your cornea as well as evaluate your tear film. These measurements allow us to ensure a proper fit and find the best lens type for your eyes.  
  • Instructions on care and maintenance: We will provide education and guidance on how to care for your contact lenses and maintain good eye health, including how to properly clean and store your lenses and when and how to replace them.  
  • Trial lenses: Our optometrist will provide you with trial lenses and schedule follow-up appointments to see how your eyes are adjusting to the new contacts and make sure they’re comfortable. We will also give you a contact lens prescription that designates the contact lens type, power, base curve (a shape matching the curvature of your eye), and diameter.  

Contact Lenses in Plymouth

At Progressive Family Eye Care, we specialize in fitting our patients in the Plymouth and Northville area with contact lenses that will best suit their unique needs.

  • Types of contact lenses 
  • Specialty contact lenses

Why do I need an exam for contact lenses?   

Contact lenses are considered medical devices because they sit directly on the eye and can damage the eye if not used correctly. Poor-fitting contacts can cause serious eye problems such as infections, corneal ulcers, and vision loss, so you need a contact lens exam and prescription to ensure that contact lenses fit properly and are comfortable to wear. Even if you’re purchasing cosmetic lenses without visual correction, you will still need a contact lens exam and a prescription.   

Schedule a contact lens exam in Plymouth 

Whether you’re an experienced contact lens wearer or thinking about trying them for the first time, a contact lens exam is essential to ensure your lenses provide you with clear vision and won’t cause eye damage. Our contact lens exams are designed to provide our patients in Plymouth, Canton, and Northville with the best possible fit and prescription for their eyes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your comprehensive eye exam and let us know if you’d like to wear contact lenses.